Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Tea
Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

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Blue Butterfly Pea Flower tea (latin name; Clitoria ternatea) is known for its striking luminous indigo color.  This flower produces the flavonol Quercetin as well as the antioxidant Proanthocyanidin (for vision health).

It is used in both Chinese and Ayurvedic (India) medicine, where it is also considered "the female aphrodisiac tea".  The Proanthocyanidin benefits the eyes, retinas, and eyesight. 

This tea is wonderful when mixed with lemonade or limeade, which will change the color from blue to purple due to the acidifying effect.  The tea can also be used in foods as an all-natural food coloring to create beautiful blue breads and cheesecakes.

Our Blue Butterfly Pea Flower tea is grown completely organically (as are all of our teas).  It is naturally Caffeine Free.

Add Blue Butterfly flowers to a bath and bathe in the luxury of beautiful indigo water.  It softens and strengthens skin a leaves a subtle sweet fragrance.