In 1385, it was given to the king of the Tujia minority as a present that was claimed to cure diseases. At that time, it was named "heaven tea".

In 1837, during the Qing dynasty, it was given to the Emperor of China as a present from the Tujia. The Emperor found that the tea had amazing health effects, so he ordered that the tea be exclusively for himself.

We Have One Goal In Mind:

Enhance and extend the lives of those suffering from acute and chronic ailments by tapping into natures most powerful resources found around the world. 

"Our mission is to identify nature's finest to improve, protect, and extend lives."  - Our Founder, Dr. Ken.

The Moyeam Story

   Qing Yun Moyeam Tea has us completely re-thinking the role of "Tea" in our daily lives.

   The method of processing Moyeam (Ampelopsis grossedentata) was developed by the Tujia minority 600 years ago. It involves plucking, withering, partially fermenting (like Oolong tea), and hand rolling each tiny leaf and plant bud to liberate but not displace the Myricetin locked within each plant cell wall.

   The rolling step (very labor intensive) produces its distinctive "white frost" or platinum color and enhances the flavor. Unoxidized moyeam (lesser grades) are also produced, but the more demanding production process for "white frost" moyeam (Qing Yun) makes it more expensive than traditional moyeam. Its distinctive taste is slightly bitter with a strongly sweet aftertaste; the slightly grassy flavor is somewhat different from other common teas in China. 

   Only "Qing Yun" Moyeam combines the "cream of the crop" harvest and the labor intensive hand-rolling to produce this one and only Platinum Grade Tea.

   Levels of the flavonol Myricetin (aka Dihydromyricetin or Ampelopsin) reach 30-40% by weight in Qing Yun Moyeam (other grades of Moyeam typically have 3-6% Myricetin).

"Qing Yun" is the name of the Moyeam tea grade, and "Qing Yun" is the highest grade and the only grade that Super-produces Myricetin (a difference you can feel).  

Qing Yun Moyeam of today grows in the same high mountain valley where this remarkable plant was first discovered over 600 years ago.  Throughout the ages, Moyeam has been transplanted to other regions, but under any other growing conditions other than perfect it does not Super-produce Myricetin.  This is the Qing Yun difference.  The combination of the perfect soil, natural mountain environment, and the natural area mountain fog rolling in each morning to gently water the plants goes to create one of nature's true wonders.  Qing Yun is the bud of the plant and first bud leaves, these are the parts of the plant containing that 30-40% Myricetin.  No Moyeam plant grown anywhere else, or even other part of these plants comes near to being the super flavonol producer that Qing Yun Moyeam is.

So Powerful that 1 tea bag will make 1/2 gallon of tea. So effective that you will want to drink it every day.