Health Benefits

Most Americans get only a fraction of a milligram of Myricetin in their daily diet.  One tea bag of Qing Yun Moyeam tea contains approximately 600 milligrams of Myricetin.  Try it once, and you too will know the power of Myricetin in your daily diet.

The Impact of Qing Yun Moyeam Tea and FAQs.

This seems too good to be true.

If you are new to learning about Moyeam tea and its major flavonol Myricetin, we highly suggest that you look at our "Sources" page, and/or do a search of your own.  PubMed is basically "Google" for doctors, it is a US Government run website that publishes every medical research study.  These are all scientific peer-reviewed articles.  Pureami Tea company has NEVER made claims about Moyeam tea and Myricetin that is not supported by the medical research and published on PubMed.  Questions about the meaning of medical terms, phrases, or overall study results should be discussed with your Physician.

Is Moyeam safe for pets?

Indeed it is safe for pets. Many people add it to their dog's, cat's, even bird's, daily diets. Pets love it. Your older dog with arthritis will especially love it. Animals with tight airways or auto-immune type issues will crave it for its actions.  It is also helpful to animals with skin problems when applied topically, potentially improving skin, restoring fur growth, and even healing old wounds. Daily consumption by your dog will go far to preventing him or her from catching colds or flu.  If your pet does catch a cold or the flu, serve Moyeam to them 4 times daily to quickly minimize symptoms.  If your pet has a high A1C, Cholesterol number, or hypertension, Qing Yun Moyeam has the potential to dramatically improve these conditions.

How are the anti-inflammatory properties of Qing Yun Moyeam different from everything else I've tried?

Moyeam (Ampelopsis grossedentata) has no reported adverse effects in the medical literature. Every other anti-inflammatory, whether prescription drug, OTC drug, or even natural anti-inflammatory like Turmeric, is limited by side-effects.  This means that you can safely increase your daily Myricetin intake by grand amounts to combat inflammation.  The American diet contains about 1 mg of Myricetin, the key flavonol in Moyeam tea.  One Qing Yun Moyeam tea bag contains around 600 mgs of Myricetin.  Qing Yun Moyeam therefore has the potential to give you full (instead of partial) relief from inflammation, and it is a difference that you are likely to feel (even upon your first cup of Moyeam tea).

Does Moyeam tea contain caffeine?

No. Zero caffeine. None of our current three medicinal teas contains caffeine.

Can you eat the Moyeam leaves after they've been steeped?

Yes, in fact, we encourage it as a way for your body to maximally capture as many flavonols and polyphenols as possible.  Many people are adding it to meatballs, meatloaf, lasagna, salads, soups, scrambled eggs, pancakes, and smoothies.

Are there other uses for Moyeam tea?

Some people wash their faces with it or make spritz bottles containing it and spray it on their face during the day. Others even take baths in it for specific reasons. People have added the uses leaves to plant soil, both indoor and outdoor plants. This may change 4H competitions forever.

Can it be sweetened, and what is best?

While most prefer Moyeam unsweetened, it can certainly be sweetened to taste. We recommend a variety of potential sweetening agents, from honey, to stevia, to agave, or fresh pineapple chunks, to even real maple syrup.

Is it safe to drink for a person who is subject to drug testing?

Absolutely safe.  There is nothing illegal about Moyeam Tea, nor does it contain any molecules that might flag a random drug test.

Do you recommend it for athletes?

Absolutely "Yes". It appears to dramatically reduce muscle recovery time after strenuous exercise, while remaining a completely legal product. 

Have there ever been any reported adverse effects from drinking Moyeam tea?

In a PubMed search using the keywords "Ampelopsis Grossedentata" and "adverse effects", NO adverse effects from Moyeam tea have ever been reported in the Medical Literature.

I've tried CBD and Turmeric and was disappointed with both.

You should definitely try a 10-pack of Moyeam tea bags. The difference is the power of Myricetin.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes, we ship Internationally. We have customers around the world. In Australia we have an agent in place (Beth Breed), so orders placed there will have very quick arrival times to your door. Our standard fixed International shipping rate is $24, no matter the size of the order.

Who is Dr. Ken?

Dr. Ken is our company's founder. He is a Physician (an M.D.) who retired from daily patient care after his father passed away due to cancer, to begin doing extensive health and cancer research.  Through his research he recognized the power of the Flavonols (and in particular, Myricetin).  He then went on what would become a two year search for a plant that super-produced the molecule Myricetin.  In October of 2017 he discover Qing Yun Moyeam and began exclusively importing it into the US.  The medical research world has since also fallen in-love with this molecule as more and more research and published Medical Literature papers on it are presented monthly.  To find many of these very significant research papers, go to our "Sources" page.

Where can I buy Dr. Ken's latest books on Cancer prevention and Health?

His latest book, "Nu-Oncology", is available on Amazon.  For earlier books call Susan at the number at the bottom of our webpage.

Any other suggestions?

With autumn coming upon us, try adding a few dashes of Pumpkin Pie Spice to your steeping Moyeam.  The smell is wonderful and the taste even better.  It is sweet to the tongue, but contains zero calories.

More about Pureami Tea company and Myricetin.

Pureami Tea Company’s products offer several natural health benefits to help manage and treat ailments that keep people from living their fullest lives each day.

Qing Yun Moyeam Tea contains many polyphenols and flavonols, in particular Myricetin, that offer natural relief to illnesses and ailments ranging from the common cold to symptoms of some more debilitating and chronic diseases.

Myricetin works by disrupting cellular pathways. It interacts with enzymes and suppresses their activities (enzyme inhibition). It also inhibits phosphodiesterase enzymes (PDE), which are involved in setting up inflammatory responses against injuries or toxins.

Myricetin and its many benefits offer an alternative to Western medicines in helping relieve a number of diseases and disorders that affect millions all over the world. The ‘King of Flavonols’ works in much the same way as these other medications without side effects or risk of dependency, making it the natural option the world has been waiting for.

Health Benefits of Myricetin

We recommend doing research on (a US Gvnt website) using, through individual searches, the keywords "myricetin," "dihydromyricetin," "Moyeam," and/or "ampelopsis grossedentata," along with your specific health concern.   Note; Myricetin, Dihydromyricetin, and Ampelopsin are all one in the same molecule (Myricetin).   So powerful this plant (Ampelopsis grossedentata) is at producing Myricetin that the molecule has also been named after the plant's genus.

Suggestion; before starting a program of drinking Moyeam daily, have blood values and markers drawn so that you have a good set of "before" values by which to compare at a later date.